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We believe in self-empowerment as the corner stone of all long-lasting success. We being encouragement, tips, guidance, and fun to the Vahinepreneur dedicated to make a career out of blogging and create financial independence and freedom. We aim at inspiring and motivating you to be a Vahinepreneur on the go, and a powerful manifestor of goodness and limitless abundance by co-creating with the Universe and making It your all-time accomplice in a life of love, joy, and prosperity.


We also have collaborated with successful Vahinepreurs who have created their own boutiques and we support them by having curated collections of clothing and lifestyle items with the flair of the Vahinepreneur in mind. (Online Shop will open soon)


The Vahinepreneur flair is a blend of the tropical vahine meets urban boss lady on heels, meets boho-chic.

Thanks to our affiliates and other collaborators we bring you quality, beauty, and style that enhances your sense of empowerment while running your business from home or from anywhere else in the world.


Noë Heivanui

My name is Noë Heivanui Brown. I was born in Tahiti but lived mostly in the U.S., notably Maui, Los Angeles, Massachussets, and now New York. I have lived in France and Germany as well but I always come back to my roots, Tahiti and Maui. Both are equally home for me.

I am a retired mental health therapist who specialized in trauma-related conditions, most popularly depression and PTSD. But here in the Hamptons, where I reside now, I have been working as a real estate professional while building my Travel & Lifestyle blog as well as developing my wrokshops to serve women who desire to work from home and make money blogging.

I find the greatest pleasure in assisting other women to create and build up their own business and achieving financial independence and freedom. My BLOG BOSS BABE program is designed to do just that - create financial independence and freedom through blogging as your new career.

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Hannah Cordoba

My name is Hannah Cordoba. I’m 21 years old and currently living the dream on O’ahu, Hawai’i. I grew up in Las Vegas and decided after 16 years that I really needed a change of scenery, so I started college in Laie in August of 2017. I met Zach on the North Shore a couple months after I moved to the island, and we got married in June 2019. I’m so incredibly grateful I decided to move across the sea, because it’s turned my life into what it is now. 


I have a passion for helping people any way that I can. I also have a passion for learning about why people are the way that they are. I thought, what better way to combine those two passions than to learn about and choose a career in mental health? I am so close to getting my Bachelors Degree in Psychology, with a couple minors too. After I graduate I hope to work and save money for at least three years while I get my Masters. Eveeeentually I WILL go to med school. My ultimate goal is to become a Psychiatrist and work in a hospital. One day… 


I’ve always thought about writing my own blog, but I never knew what to write about. That’s why I’m so thankful my aunt Noë has given me the opportunity to work alongside her.


I hope you enjoy my contributions! 

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