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5 tips on how to wear black and white polka dots this season

The black and white combination is both the easiest and the most timeless color pairing in fashion. There's no end to the ways you can wear this combo and here are 5 tips on how to wear the combo best this season.

Dots dots dots, and more dots! They are just perfect in any occasion or with any other bold color for added contrast and as a way to "accessorize your look." I will let the images illustrate what I am saying. I love polka dots because they are timeless, they boost your style, and they make you look happy even if you're in a frumpy mood.

  1. Opt for fitted items

  2. Add some bold colors for a more dramatic look - red, orange, yellow, pink, teal are preferred.

  3. Wear shoes that contrast with the pattern, meaning go for plain shoes or shoes with line patterns.

  4. Accentuate your eyes when wearing polka dots; you will keep bringing back the attention to your face when talking with someone and help them be less distracted by the polka dots. Plus, your eyes are the polka dots of your face.

  5. Layer your dots by contrasting the size - if you're going to wear dots on dots, wear smaller on the outer layer and bigger on the inner layer. That gives a slimming effect.

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