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Liana Werner-Gray

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

This lady-boss is adored by us! Liana (@lianawernergray) is an icon in nutritional health and she is herself a living proof that you can completely transform your life while transforming your body with proper nutrition.

We love her ebullient personality, uplifting and caring demeanor, her beauty is all around and is her positive energy is contagious. This is an Aussie vahinepreneur, based in NYC, and definitely one you want to follow.

She’s also the author of 3 books, the last one being Cancer Free with Food. Find it on Amazon. Also Follow her @theearthdiet (also the title of her first published book).

Thank you Liana for being such an inspiration! We love you xoxo


By the way, don't you just love what she's wearing? I love wearing pink too - here are 5 pink sweaters I love for this season 2020!


***** FUN BONUS ALERT *****


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