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Mary Cantone - Owner of the William Ris Gallery

Who is Mary Cantone? Watch the video below to find out!

The William Ris Gallery, located inside the Sherwood House Vineyards, (@sherwoodhousevineyards) is a must see destination!

The Gallery is owned by Mary Cantone. Mary joined the North Fork in 2016 after relocating from New Jersey where she also owned a gallery. Her inspiration comes from her mother and brother, Barbara and William Schreckengaust, who opened the original gallery in 1966. Mary's love for the arts and her family has kept their dream alive. This is now her fiftieth year of carrying on the family legacy.

William Ris Gallery showcases many different artists from all different backgrounds. The Gallery is constantly doing events and showcasing local and global artists.

One event Mary is very excited about will be in August; her semi-annual event showcasing "Abstract Women.”

In the meantime you can enjoy her current show “Water Work” which will run until July 28.

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