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Need Tiling Magic? Make a Wish with Samantha at Cancos Tile & Stone

I met with the amazing Samantha Valva Fulfree (@samsicily), manager and part owner of Cancos Tile in Southampton, while in the middle of servicing a customer.

Samantha is beautiful, young, smart, witty, quick on her feet, nurturing, compassionate, and savvy at her role as Cancos Tile Manager in the Hamptons. She’s an expert at what she does and nothing goes unnoticed to her in the store. She knows tiles and has a sharp eye for design.

She has traveled to Italy with her family a lot, and aside her keen eye for tiling design and sourcing, she also has a talent for Italian cuisine. She can do it all! As a self-empowered woman herself, she shared that the upbringing she had and her relationship with her parents, paired with her hunger for culture and discovery of new horizons, is what contributed to her happiness today.

She is also generous with their customers and understands the struggle that people go through to make themselves a beautiful living. Financing for the tiles and stone they want sometimes require for her big heart to come forward and make amicable arrangements with buyers without costing the company any loss. And that, ladies and gentlemen, takes power and incredible business intelligence to achieve.

Samantha is now soon to be a mother, and that is another chapter of her life she is über excited about.

She and her husband, Mike Fulfree, Real Estate Agent at Nest Seekers International, and cast on the upcoming Netflix Reality TV Show, “Buy The Beach,” look forward to building their life as a family, juggling all that life offers them, in the Hamptons. I wish them prosperity, joy and success always!

Need for tiles? This is where you want to come! Ask for Samantha!


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