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Updated: Feb 13

We fell in love with the artist behind this portrait right away!

Her name is Tamara, and this is what she shared when we asked her about what inspires her art:

"Ce qui m’inspire pour cette série que j’ai appelé “les reines”, c’est évidemment les vahinés ! La femme belle, moderne, libre intelligente et surtout amoureuse et respectueuse de la nature."

In English... “What inspires me for this series that I called "THE QUEENS", it is obviously the vahines! The beautiful, modern, free intelligent women and above all the vahine whose soul transpires in her love and respect for nature.”

When Tamara shared this with us it’s easy to realize how divine she herself is. And her pearl of wisdom for us all is to “Never forget oneself and to simply do what you want to do and enjoy.”

Follow her! @tamara.mana


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