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Welcome to the "Trailblazer's Tranquility Retreat" at The Ram's Head Inn, Shelter Island, NY


Discover the perfect blend of adventure and serenity at the "Trailblazer's Tranquility Retreat," exclusively tailored for solo female travelers. Hosted at the picturesque Ram's Head Inn on Shelter Island, NY, our three-day getaway is a unique opportunity to connect with nature, rejuvenate your spirit, and meet like-minded women.

Each day features carefully curated hikes across Shelter Island's stunning landscapes, offering both gentle walks and challenging trails. Complement your hiking experience with yoga sessions, meditative practices, and creative workshops, all designed to harmonize your mind, body, and soul.

Savor nutritious, locally-sourced meals that nourish and delight, and unwind with evening activities that foster reflection and connection. While the journey is deeply personal, the shared experiences create a community of empowerment and support.

Please note that the retreat price does not include transportation to The Ram's Head Inn. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities, and our expert team ensures a secure and enriching experience throughout your stay.

Join us for this transformative retreat at The Ram's Head Inn, where every path leads to self-discovery and every moment is a step towards inner peace.

Embark on your journey of tranquility and adventure with us.

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Day 1: Arrival and Gentle Hike


  • Arrival and Check-in: Welcome the traveler at the retreat location, surrounded by nature.

  • Welcome Kit: Provide a kit with essentials for hiking and the retreat schedule.

  • Orientation Session: Introduction to the retreat, hiking trails, and safety guidelines.


  • Lunch: A nutritious meal with various dietary options.

  • Nature Walk: A gentle introductory hike to acclimatize, focusing on enjoying the natural surroundings.


  • Yoga Session: A relaxing yoga class to stretch out after the hike.

  • Dinner: A wholesome, nutritious meal.

  • Introduction Circle: Share intentions and expectations for the retreat.


  • Meditation and Herbal Tea: Guided meditation session to unwind.


Day 2: Full-Day Hiking Adventure

Early Morning

  • Breakfast: Energizing breakfast for the day's hike.

  • Guided Hiking Trip: A full-day hiking adventure tailored to the traveler's experience, including picturesque spots and rest breaks.


  • Picnic Lunch: A healthy lunch enjoyed on the trail.


  • Return and Rest: Time to relax and freshen up.


  • Massage Therapy: Focus on muscle recovery post-hike.

  • Dinner: A replenishing meal.


  • Stargazing: If weather allows, a session of stargazing.


Day 3: Scenic and Reflective Hike


  • Sunrise Hike: Begin with a peaceful hike to a scenic location to watch the sunrise.

  • Breakfast: Breakfast post-hike.


  • Free Time/Leisure Activities: Time for personal reflection or participating in a creative workshop.


  • Lunch: A leisurely lunch.

  • Short Hike and Meditation: A short afternoon hike leading to a serene spot for guided meditation.


  • Closing Ceremony: Reflection on the retreat experiences.

  • Farewell Dinner: A celebratory final meal.


  • Relaxation: Encourage a peaceful and early night.

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