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Fashion for the Traveler

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

There has never been more convenient time to be a fashionista while trekking or traveling the world. One thing though is you have to learn to pack it light and only take the bare essentials.

That's where leggings come in handy. You can roll 7 pairs of leggings and still have plenty of room for your tank tops and a couple blouses and a dress or two. Also leggings come in all sorts of patterns, colors, styles, with pockets, with mesh, with frills, it's a phenomenon in and of itself!

Shoes? Go for sandals like Crocs who can be stylish but good on your feet to walk miles with. There are plenty to choose from but here is a gallery of what we recommend.

Finally where can you shop for relatively super affordable clothes that might get ruined during travels so you can indulge in buying more...

Dresswel is a solution and their customer service is wonderful. Check it out by clicking below:

SheIn is another option for your nomadic fashion needs.

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